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TOPIC: Advertisement on mobile applications

Advertisement on mobile applications 23 May 2016 15:06 #9923

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Due to increased technology, anybody can access the media through a variety of means anytime and anywhere around the world and one of them is using a mobile application. It could be said that almost everyone in a country has his/her own cell phone and uses it while traveling, working, commuting, before sleeping, and doing other activities and for that reason, it is crucial to advertise also through phones and applications that they are using. It does not cost much compared to doing it on the television or the radio and it is much noticeable since it pops open just like while surfing the internet on computer but it takes the whole screen of phones and that way users happen to see it whether he/she likes it or not.
Just like I just mentioned, a lot of advertisement just pops up whether application users like it or not and up until now I haven’t really liked it at all and I’m sure others would feel the same. For example, while playing a small game on my phone, when it was an important moment to finish off a particularly hard level, an ad just shows up and ruins everything that I’ve done which could not be saved and I had to do it all over from the start. But these days, almost of all apps use auto save before popping up advertisements so that became something not to worry about.
One thing I keep asking myself is how much they earn by posting one advertisement on their application. I know it varies on different kinds and types of apps. Something that is well-known and widely used would charge lots of money but something small and not so famous would receive less. How do they survive? Usually those small applications are free to buy and just use mobile advertisement to earn, if not donated from third parties. One gaming application that I’ve used before used tremendous and absurd amount of advertisement that kept popping like once in three minutes and demanded me to buy the other ad-free version if I did not like it. After some time, I just stopped using the application.
If small apps don’t charge anything to be purchased and don’t use advertisements as well, would it still be possible to make and run it?
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Advertisement on mobile applications 27 May 2016 18:03 #9939

  • wendy.c
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I think we can all relate to how annoying advertisements in mobile apps can get. Some games I play on my phone have an advertising (usually for another game) after each new level I advance to. I have also wondered how app developers make money from their apps, especially if they are not popular. I think a lot of developers opt for video ads because they are more likely to catch a user's attention and appeal to them and hopefully download their app. Perhaps they show up in ads in popular apps and the both make money from the ad.
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