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TOPIC: Samrt Car "Anywhere" TV commercial

Samrt Car "Anywhere" TV commercial 13 Sep 2016 11:39 #10188

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Smart Car "Anywhere" TV AD: Found here
(If link doesn't work here:

I found this TV commercial/AD appealing to me as it has to do with parallel parking. I cannot parallel park to save my life, especially out here in busy Los Angeles! I just saw this commerical last night actually, as my boyfriend and parents joked around towards me.
This commercial shows a man trying to parallel park his car and he keeps hitting and bumping into the car(s) in front of him but also behind him. Then this sleek, new Smart Car comes by and parks in an even smaller space and it mentions "if you can park here, you can park anywhere". I found this as a very good target market to those who live in busy, hussle and bustle cities or places such as here in California; Los Angeles, to be more specific (as they are showing this commercial where I live), but anywhere, maybe New York City, Chicago, Denver, etc.
A lot of people struggle with parking in general, especially parallel. And for someone like me who didn't learn to drive in a busy area (Texas), when coming out here I'm still struggling two years later haha. This is a great reach to people like me, but also people who don't want to drive around this big car in a conjested city and small, uneasy to get to parking spots (even normal straight-in parking).

It sort of has a sense of humor to it dealing with the guy who is struggling to park, but also has true sense to it with the compact car being able to park in tiny spots.

This car commercial might not even be shown in other states, cities, etc. but the advertisers have their goal(s) that they want to reach and succeed by. They are succeeding even by me watching this commerical and paying attention to it. I say this, even though I am not going to go out and buy this car as I type this, but it still has caught my eye and attention.
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