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TOPIC: Audi Electric Car Commercial

Audi Electric Car Commercial 14 Sep 2016 17:23 #10192

  • madelyn.v
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This past week I have seen the same commercial play from time to time. Its the same Audi electric car commercial. After a while of watching, I was starting to pick up on the pattern of what media 1 taught me: the target audience. In the commercial, the main character is not shown until the end; consequently, audiences, instead, are shown the Audi car bein driven through the neighborhood with music in the background and neighbors looking at the car drive through -- they can not help but to notice. Once the car stops, the main character is shown, a Caucasian male who plugs his car to charge. Once the car is charging, he looks up to a neighbor on her bike; this neighbor, in turn, stares directly at him in amazement and breathlessness (because she is shown taking a significant breath). This leads to the male reacting with a nod of his head as if to respond to the girl. Hence, the Audi commercial insinuates that a male figure that owns an Audi will get the attention from everyone and especially the ladies.

As an architectural major, I am taught to look at angles. As a result, every time I am out, I find myself catching angles in something as simple as a person's eye. That being said, when watching the commercial I noticed the angle of the camera as it shot the male main character; in this shot, he just noticed the female looking at him so he looked at her. On that note, the camera angle was a low angle. To go further, the low angle shot of a camera usually signifies that the character on screen has power. In the consecutive shots that show the female's reaction and his, the low angle begins to seem as if he has control. Accordingly, the male's power, in this commercial , seems to be leading males to think if they buy the Audi car they will have power over (in this case) the girls attention. In short, women are usually the prize in advertisements.
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Audi Electric Car Commercial 08 Nov 2016 14:16 #10866

  • cierra.m
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Hi Madelyn,

I am glad you brought this commercial up and the aspects that go along with it. Most men, or stereo-typically that most men think with them having a nice, luxury car it will get them attention from anything and everyone; especially women. Indeed this is true in some cases, but not all. Some females might not even care if you even have a car, some on the other hand are a bit more materialistic. I think that with this commerical being a little sexist, it is the truth in advertising in today's world. It is something that most people do not think when watching these commercials, but then there are people like us who will actually see this clip for clip and see how "bias" the advertising world can actually be.
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Audi Electric Car Commercial 20 Nov 2016 14:44 #10986

  • anita.l
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I think this is a very interesting topic to expand on. First, I believe that the producer is most likely a male professional. I have such claim not only because I agree with the point that Madelyn made. But also, I believe that it can be further expanded with the imagery of having power. Not sure if anyone here drives a hybrid card, but often times, it is referred to a powerless car with the total ignorance of how fuel efficient it is not to mention its eco-friendliness. With that being said, we can very well imagine how others think about electric cars. Generally, all electric cars fall under the same category as the hybrid car with the exception of Tesla's products. In another word, electric cars are viewed as a powerless car when it is on the road. To me, this commercial has an objective to present a male (powerful figure, breadwinner, etc) who is driving a powerless car (electric car) by a luxurious brand. As a result, it still attracts female's attention in the neighborhood. I personally like hybrid cars since I get some power and some efficiency on fuel. But it would be lovely if I can drive a Tesla!
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