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TOPIC: Snickers Com.

Snickers Com. 18 Sep 2016 15:26 #10236

  • michelle.g
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So I just came across this commercial from the Super Bowl. It can be pretty humorous to the audience watching, but has some hidden messages I think regarding femininity. This snickers commercial first starts off as a grumpy man in the famous Marilyn Monroe outfit with a fan in the studio. Someone then said “You're not yourself when your hungry” the guy then took a bit of the Snickers bar and became Marilyn Monroe and began to smile and “became herself”.

So in this commercial, the media is basically trying to portray women as grumpy and miserable when they're hungry. In reality, it’s mostly the men who are grumpy when they haven't eaten. But it’s just interesting to me how the media gets any opportunity to portray women as being these moody and “hormonal” per se. Many people always label and stereotype women for being these really unpractical uncontrollable people, but thats not always the case. For example, society always claims women as PMS-ing when they get irritated or upset, but that is not always the reason. There is actually no scientific evidence that all women have “mood swings” due to their menstrual cycle.

In conclusion, I find it pretty sad how society constantly finds a way to put women down. Just because women are biologically different than men, it doesn't mean they are capable of any less or are any more emotional. Some people think that the equality between men and women is getting better and “more fair” but i would disagree. I think our media is just getting better at hiding it.
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Snickers Com. 05 Oct 2016 18:14 #10450

  • cierra.m
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When I saw this commerical this honestly did not cross my mind, but after reading your post it definitely got me thinking.
You're right about the media is getting away with a lot more nowadays in a "politer" manner, and not getting bombarded with hate comments, etc.

Indeed most people (majority men) think women have these moodswings, but indeed not every women gets them. But even when we/women do, men do not understand how it's honestly so hard to control and just "drop it". Also with being "hangry", I agree that most of this actually happens with men, rather than women.

This commerical is definitely secretly going around with the feminity in this AD, but they do it to an extent to where it can come across humerous rather than being harsh and "against" women.

Good eyes and ears for pointing this out!
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Snickers Com. 05 Oct 2016 20:54 #10453

  • katie.lovo
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We live in a very sexist society and you are completely right in saying that the media is just getting better at hiding it. If you looked at ads and posters from the 1920's-1950's, the media did not try to hide the sexism attached to it. Women are constantly degraded in the media or used as sex symbols to try and appeal to me. I just always wondered how different society would be if men were portrayed as sexual objects and were degraded to the extent of women where society saw them as weak. Emotions and feelings are looked down upon, especially in men, because they are raised to believe that it takes away their masculinity when they portray their emotions. I honestly think men are a lot more sensitive and not in control of their feelings when compared to women. If only men knew the hardships women go through in society and also biologically, I personally don't think they'd be strong enough to handle it. This ad is yet another example of the discrimination against women.
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