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KISS FM 21 Oct 2013 01:41 #3812

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Most mornings on my way to work I find myself always being in the car around the right time to hear Ryan's Roses. According to KISS FM Ryan's Roses is a "Public Service" that calls a woman's husband or boyfriend pretending to be a new florist seeking customers and offers the man free roses to send to anyone he like. The point of this "Public Service" is to see who the man sends the flowers to and as a result find out if he is cheating. Now I am not going to say that I don't find this interesting and turn it off when it comes on, but after hearing it so many times I have started to feel as though they are giving woman the opportunity to approach such a sensitive personal issue so publicly. Sometimes this service does work out and the woman finds out her man was cheating, but many times this is not the case and the man does send the flowers to the woman curious if he is cheating. In either case I think they have forgotten the fundamentals of being in a relationship. If these people can't communicate with there partner or trust their loyalty how will there relationship work in general. Society needs to remember these historic fundamentals and get back to an era where communication, loyalty and commitment is core to your relationship. Although Ryan's roses is entertaining, it gives the listeners the idea that it's ok to be sneaky and sly to find out if your theory is correct instead of communicating!
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