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TOPIC: Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham 30 Oct 2016 16:23 #10745

  • paige.b
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Swimsuit model Ashley Graham defies the standards of woman modeling. She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the first plus sized model that the magazine has had. She preaches about body positivity and helps young woman to feel okay and be happy with their bodies. She helps woman to be okay and understand that everybody is beautiful. Today the modeling industry continues to be harsh and judgemental of females. This can cause woman to feel extreme pressure to be a certain size or that how they look isn't good enough.

Celebrities like Ashley Graham help woman to see their strengths. She doesn't like the term plus size and sees it as way of making woman feel less than or not as important. She helps woman understand to be okay with who they are and that they are good enough at whatever size. She is extremely anti the promotion of eating disorders through the modeling community. She defied all the odds by making the cover of Sports Illustrated and did it by saying she was good enough and ignoring all the negative feedback she has gotten during her years of modeling.

I believe that she is such a key part in teaching younger girls that they can be okay with who they are and how they look. She helps them to feel like their body is enough and that people need to stop talking negatively about themselves and how they look. She has created a space where woman can embrace their flaws and love them turning them into strengths. Her ability to be seen in the media as a spoke person for body positivity has really changed the current entertainment industry, and made woman embrace themselves more.
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Ashley Graham 10 Nov 2016 19:45 #10880

  • juhyunh
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Hi Paige,
Wonderful post you wrote here, as I am a huge fan and admirer of Ashley Graham and her inspiration she has been spreading out to younger girls and models alike. I recently read somewhere that some media correspondent or a celebrity had said "she has a pretty face but doesn't have the ideal body type to be a supermodel" which took me aback and made me feel a bit defensive.
I don't understand why modeling has to be such a set mold for those wanting to pursue it. It has been dubbed the "genetic lottery" but I think that each successful model has her different standards and perspectives on beauty. I think that Gisele Bundchen is beautiful for her classic Brazilian looks and devotion to health and fitness, yet Ashley is still beautiful for her curves and self confidence.
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