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Louis CK 06 Nov 2016 23:39 #10859

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Louis CK endorsed Hilary Clinton on Conan O'brien. It was amazing. He really emphazied how he thought there was a strong need for a woman in office and especially loved how she was a mother. He also put a strong emphasis in the importance of voting. He made it very clear that not voting was not an option and would not benefit the country in any way. He really is able to get strong points across by the use of comedy.

Louis talked about how strong he thought Hilary Clinton was and how he felt she was a voice of reason and really understood that she was going to get a lot of heat in office but that was okay because she was such a strong individual and was able to handle it. He also discussed how he was excited to have a mother in office because she was capable of supporting the best and that it was time for the country to have a nuturing tone to it. He also really explained how he felt she represented the change that the country needed in such difficult times. It was cool how he seemed so excited to have a woman in office.

Louis also talked about voting. He really said that he didn't care who you were for but that people really needed to get out there and vote. It was almost unfair to people that they weren't. He wanted people to understand that voting was extremely important and necessary for the country to thrive. It is cool to see a comedian that is so passionate about our country and what goes into helping our country thrive.
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