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Lady Gaga PTSD 07 Dec 2016 11:44 #11187

  • katie.lovo
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In this week's media, Lady Gaga touched the hearts of many with her tragic reveal of her mental illness. She revealed that she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on her interview in the "Today" show. Her PTSD is due to her being raped when she was just 19. Lady Gaga revealed that she was raped a couple of years ago, but never shared that she is constantly reminded of the trauma she has been through in her every day life. Her confession really got to me because you never know what someone is actually going through.

Lady Gaga has such a powerful presence, and when you hear her speak or when you hear her songs, she carries herself like a powerful and strong woman. To the public, she appears to be almost invincible and that nothing can stop her. Little did we know, not even her fans, that she suffers from a serious mental illness that effects her life every day. You would think that Lady Gaga fears nothing, but she feared revealing this dark secret because of all the backlash and negativity from society that comes with having mental illnesses. She did not want the general public to judge her.

Her story is just absolutely sad and devastating. She is not by any means the only woman to ever be raped, nor the only person suffering from a mental illness because of such a traumatic experience. Rapes happen every day, and I can only imagine the pain and suffering a rape victim goes through daily. It's a shame that society doesn't take mental disorders such as PTSD as seriously as they should. Woman rape victims tend to be looked at as the one at fault because maybe they were wearing provocative clothing or acting in a sexual manner, which drifts away from the actually perpetrator.
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Lady Gaga PTSD 09 Dec 2016 22:43 #11204

  • juhyunh
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Hi Katie,
Thanks for sharing this, as it is truly empowering and inspirational. Lady Gaga is a beautiful person inside and out and her experience with PTSD was undoubtedly a personal struggle for her to deal with. To overcome such an awful disorder is one thing, but sharing it on live television on air is whole different story. I recently watched her perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris, and couldn't help but become awed by her confidence, beauty and talent. Great post!
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