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TOPIC: Online Film Funding

Online Film Funding 05 May 2013 17:50 #2837

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For the past year or two, my production team has been turning to online campaign funding for our films. Two of these sites are KickStarter and IndieGogo-- sites that allow users to go on and create a campaign for pretty much anything they way. A majority of the things launched are for film. In doing so, you set up an outline, a deadline to fund raise, offer some perks for your contributors and let the games begin!
Right now, we are in the final four days of our first attempt at securing funding for a coming of age drama entitled SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS ( ). We have had the campaign going for about a month and half and at just under about 50% of our minimum goal. In the past, we successfully, in no time at all funded entire projects, above and beyond our goal.
But, as the sites become more and more popular, the success rate is dwindling. It seems like everyone has a Kickstarter or IndieGogo campaign for something these days! Every time I login to FaceBook or Twitter, my feeds are swamped with project after project.
Too much of a good thing has gone bad!
But, with the right factors, these campaigns can still be a success. My last film KISSING DARKNESS actually did not do well on IndieGogo. However, the amount of followers and likes for the page were pretty big. And, certain people were able to recognize that. In turn, they stepped up and funded us 100% in addition to everything we had raised on IndieGoGo. So, using these sites to capture the right eyes, put us in a better spot that we had hoped for.
It goes to show how rapidly the film world is changing. The idea of setting out to make a marketable film is now attainable to anyone with patience and focus. It is becoming more and more acceptable to use social media and the web to create business and generate income on independent levels. People have the ability to now raise funds for any cause online... reaching a larger audience than say, a Sunday Bake Sale fundraiser, or Gallery show would ever reach!
With the Indiegogo campaigns, it has been great for networking. For, no sooner do we seem to wrap up ours, then we see a friend starting theirs. They helped us... so we help them... and the cycle begins! Just gotta remember to pay it forward and help where you can, when you can... 'cause you never know who will come to help you in the future!
Has anyone else used social media and such websites to raise money for a certain project? What were your tactics and success rate?
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