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TOPIC: Popeye Not Politically Correct

Popeye Not Politically Correct 26 Sep 2014 03:40 #5355

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Popeye was and still is a favorite cartoon for many people and so is being brought back to the media except without the cigarette pipe. The cigarette pipe is thought to be politically incorrect and for this reason is being omitted from popeye's character. Would this change the essence of popeye's character? And how could popeye possibly do all the cool things he was able to do in the vintage cartoon like eat spinach from his pipe?

Today on the radio, the host stated that the film producers do not want to influence children to perceive smoking as being cool. What would be uncool would be to incite children or young adults to smoke cigarettes. The new film is going to be produced in 3D with CGI effects and will star "Olive Oyl, their frenemy Bluto, and even the weird and magical, Eugene the Jeep". The film is set to be played in theater on 2016.

I believe that it is cool that they are going to re-vamp the popeye cartoon but also believe that children aren't necessarily influenced to smoke or get tattoos just from a cartoon because there are other factors involved when children make choices. Not everyone that watched popeye when they were young turned out to be a smoker or have tattoos. Even so, it is awesome that the producers are taking all precautions to avoid any negative repercussions because they are aware that media's degree of influence in children's subconscious varies.

Here is a short clip and the article about the film.
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Popeye Not Politically Correct 28 Sep 2014 18:09 #5375

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I'm very surprised to hear that whoever is making this film is actually going to the lengths of taking away Popeye's pipe, one of his most notorious trademarks, in order to avoid negatively influencing children. When I envision Popeye it's almost always with a pipe hanging out of his mouth. I don't think children would watch the film and take away from it that smoking is cool, but it does sound like they're just trying to make it as family-friendly as possible, and for their target market it's completely understandable. I feel like every television show I watch, and many movies for that matter, over-glamorize either sex, drugs, or crime, so to create a movie completely void of all that must be a big relief for parents who don't want their children exposed to those topics.
Personally, I think that at the end of the day impressionable young people are going to be more influenced seeing celebrities lives being warped through the lens of the media and social networks over a vintage cartoon character.
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