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TOPIC: The Person Behind the Scene---Movie Producer

The Person Behind the Scene---Movie Producer 25 Apr 2015 23:16 #6805

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A movie producer is an “above-the-line” job that prepares and supervises movie making before it release. A movie producer plays an extremely important role in the entire movie production. Every decision he makes will affect the quality and the box office of the movie. As the result, a movie producer has a lot of responsibilities for both preproduction and postproduction.
During the preproduction period, a movie producer has to find an appropriate material from a book or script as the background story of the movie. After that, he has to revamp the script into a more attractive shape so famous directors will be willing to accept the job. Except the director, the movie producer also has to select actors and the rest of the production team in order to start the progress. He also has to find sponsors for the movie in order to avoid the financial problems. In addition, he needs to determine the budget and shooting schedule for the movie.
After finishing the job for preproduction, the entire movie production team can finally start shooting scenes. But the job is not done for the movie producer yet. He has to not only offer good suggests to the director but also solve the problems with either the actor or the director.
Finally after all the shootings are done, the movie producer needs to discuss the selection and order of the scenes with the director. Also he has to supervise the editing and cutting for the film so that the audience can enjoy the best condition of the movie. Aftermost, the movie producer has to meet the distributor to discuss the distribution of the movie.
Overall, a movie producer has to have good communication skills, for finding his team and distributor, and special insight into story so that he can find the best material as the script. In order to become a movie producer, you need a bachelor’s degree even a master’s degree from a filming school. Also you have to get early experience such as internships and video competitions. After graduating from school, you can enter the industry by the recommendation of your teachers or the companies you had internship with. But this field is more competitive than other fields, so the people who are willing to become movie producers have to work extremely hard for it.
A person needs to be creative, talkative, and hardworking in order to become a movie producer. And the high interest of movie and movie production will lead a person to the job at the same time. Overall, movie producer is a tough but interesting job to peruse.
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