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TOPIC: 5 Reasons Feminism Must Be Intersectional

5 Reasons Feminism Must Be Intersectional 23 Sep 2016 22:27 #10303

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While doing more research about intersectionality to understand it better, I came across an article from Bustle. Bustle is an online community that discusses a range of subjects from beauty to politics to relationships. There seems to be progressive bias but the article that I read, “5 Reasons Feminism Must Be Intersections” would have a bias. As explained by the name, the article discusses five ways in which people need to consider intersectional perspectives of feminism. While I often think about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. individually, I didn’t always think about intersectionality and this article opened my eyes to issues that I did not even know were problems or did realize the extent of the issue.
The first issue the article discussed is the wage gap between minority women and white men. We often hear about the wage gap between men and women but according to the article, Latina women make only 54% of what white males make with black and Native American women earning 64 and 65%, respectively. These factors can be contributed to a lack of resources or less likely to have college educations. The second study claims that 12.5% of disabled women are unemployed, which is over more than twice the able-bodied statistic at 5.9%. The next statistic, which really shocked me, claimed that 83% of disabled women have been assaulted in their lifetime. While 33% of women have reported being sexually assaulted, disabled women have a significantly higher chance of being sexually assaulted. Next, “black women are three to four times more likely to die during childbirth in the United States than white women.” This can be due to less access to health care and higher chances of sexually transmitted infections which can result in complications. Finally, the article discusses the study that black transgender women have the highest rate of HIV diagnosis. Because the medical field does not have all of the research and experience to treat transgender women and they have less access to healthcare, which could contribute to this statistic.
Intersectionality is a fairly new concept to me but this article was really interesting. Over the past year, I’ve made an effort to learn more about discrimination and privilege but just recently started to learn about the term intersectionality. I think the article was really eye opening and as a women, I can relate to some examples of discrimination but to look past being a woman consider how factors such as race, sexual orientation, etc. play a role in discrimination and their everyday lives makes me confused as to how we aren’t making changes and having more discussions about it.
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