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TOPIC: Gender segregation Saudi Arabia

Gender segregation Saudi Arabia 02 Nov 2016 01:13 #10792

  • ramirez.juanita
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My post this week is about the social situation of women in Saudi Arabia.I read a post about this and thought it might be interesting to share my opinion with you guys and read about what you think of it.

First, let start by some things that are prohibited for women over there.

1.Go anywhere without a male chaperone.

For absolutely everything women need to be escorted by a male chaperone most of the times a family member.

2.Drive a car.

3.Wear clothes or make up that show their beauty. They need to wear an abaya ( the long black dress or whatever)

4.Interact with men that are not family. There is sex segregation in everything including banks and restaurants.

5.Go for a swim

6.Compete freely in sports.

7.Try on clothes when shopping.

8.Enter a cemetery.

9.Read an uncensored fashion magazine.

10.Buy a Barbie.

11.Work in a lingerie shop.

12.Open a bank account whiteout her husband’s permission.

13.Gym for women.

14.Women at work.

15.Travel under the age of 45 without a man’s permission.

Now let’s talk about some things that are forbidden in general.

Go to the movies.
Music classes
Every other god.
Walking animals on parks.
No pornography
No alcohol
No drugs.

It is crazy to think that some women are that oppressed in 2016 and we are doing nothing about it. How it is possible that Saudi women got the right to vote in 2015? How is it possible that women were not allowed to go to law school until 2013? It shrinks my heart just to think that they are women who live under this awful conditions. And yes I understand that there are many cultural differences, but that does not change the fact that women rights are violated. It is very different, and we should not mix human rights and individual freedom with religion and culture.

According to the United Nations, more than 60% of women in India, Nepal, and Pakistan don’t participate in politics because of fear of violence.
Saudi Arabia’s Justice Ministry said its courts received 1,498 domestic violence cases during the past Islamic calendar year with Makkah region registering 480 cases including torture of wives and children and abuse of one of the parents. There were 15 cases in which brothers were found to be guilty of torturing their sisters.

This is the information we get from that ultra-misogynist country, so imagine all the abuses and awful things that must happen and nobody is there to report it and help women.
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Gender segregation Saudi Arabia 05 Nov 2016 10:35 #10814

  • jiayue.s
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This is really lamentable because I could not imagine that there was still a country which treat women as proeprty and did not give them the human rights they deserved. I wonder why the international human rights committee and the united nations do not impose sanctions on these countries. Religious freedom should by no means trump individual's important freedom and liberty.
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