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TOPIC: Many women in Iran prefer to stay single.

Many women in Iran prefer to stay single. 12 Nov 2016 18:06 #10897

  • hanae.I
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According to LA times, more than three million women over 30 years old in Iran prefer to be single because women are more educated and men are staying behind of them. In this world, men are usually privileged in working place, that’s still same in Iran as well. However, many women decide to be independent and live by themselves without men’s hand. In order to be independent, more women are attending universities to be more educated, so more than 60 percent of university students in Iran are female. These kind of women are increasing as divorce that becoming more common.

it is really changing the base of the role of women in a society, but if asked it is going to be better society, i think that should be no. The role of women are less privileged than men, so female are trying to be equal. However, If Iranian women place higher than men in a society, then there would be another problem. When men in Iran realize that they are no more important for women, they would lose the purpose of living as men. Also, women’s purpose in life are usually to be mother, only women could have children not men. If they stop meeting with male, that means they quit having a new born. It would affect being low birth rate that lose a chance of educating men better, as Iranian women wish.

I always think about how the role of women in the world could be better and equal as men, however, even if it were happened, another problem would appear and it will just repeat over and over again. After I read this topic about Iranian women, I kind of lost my hope of equality between women and men.
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Many women in Iran prefer to stay single. 11 Dec 2016 15:31 #11217

  • wendell.t
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As men and women pursue education, they tend to have a family and children later in life. They will focus on their career and spend more years in school and in the work place going higher and higher. I urge you to not lose hope in equality of the sexes because as each generation moves toward better education we can expect that they will evolve to a better society. One that has more opportunities for women
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