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TOPIC: "What Our Sons Are Learning From Trump"

"What Our Sons Are Learning From Trump" 12 Nov 2016 18:36 #10898

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I came across an article that discussed the possible consequences for young boys seeing Donald Trump's hyper-masculine behavior. Some of his behavior includes bragging about groping women and "bonds with other men by objectifying women" (Miller), just to name a few. By voting for a man who makes those comments, we as a society are overlooking, even condoning sexist behavior. After the video was released in which he bragged about groping women, it was referred to as "locker room talk" or "boy talk." By referring to this behavior or similar actions as "boys being boys" or "boy talk," we are instilling this hyper-masculinity in boys that could have negative effects. This would teach them that sexist behavior is acceptable, which can actually be demeaning to young boys. This teaches boys that if they do not fit this mold of the stereotypical boy, there is something wrong with them. If we tell boys that it is the norm for them, they may think that if they do not fit this mold there is something wrong with them. If they do not want to talk about groping women and even respect women it could send the message that they are not men. Personally, I am concerned that by Trump winning, more boys, teenagers, and men are going to see that society finds it acceptable to be sexist and there will not be a change. In my opinion, it sets unrealistic standards for young boys and men. While I make the effort to be accepting of other people's beliefs, I do not want to live in a society where people are encouraged to be sexist.

Source: Claire Cain Miller- "What Our Sons Are Learning From Trump"
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