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TOPIC: Feminist Undertones- Hillary Clinton Ad

Feminist Undertones- Hillary Clinton Ad 19 Nov 2016 14:07 #10975

  • juhyunh
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The election is over, and yes, Clinton lost. However, I came upon this ad she used during her presidential campaign and thought it related really well with our assignment on Betty Freidan.
This links to the recent campaign ad uploaded by Hilary Clinton, targeting Donald Trump’s controversial sexist attacks and verbal assault on women:
In a brief 30 second commercial, it starts off with Clinton saying “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message” showing a scene of her during her campaign trail, hugging a young girl in a motherly way. Then, it switches off to several scenes where it shows various young girls, of different race, background, age and ethnicity looking at themselves in the mirror. In the background, it plays voices of Trump saying comments such as “I’d look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers”, and “A person who’s flat-chested is very hard to be a 10”. In the final scene, the phrase “Is this the president we want for our daughters?” pops up and ends. This ad uses both the plain folk appeal and the hidden fear appeal of advertising. Primarily, Clinton is using the plain folk argument in the context of presenting herself as an average woman and mother who can understand and empathize with voter’s concerns on Trump’s comments. By starting off the ad with a scene of her embracing a young girl warmly, she is implying that she has undivided love and attention to empowering younger girls and helping them and other minority groups to strive in a nation dominated by men. The hidden fear appeal is also used in this ad because she plays a sense of insecurity by trying to persuade consumers that if Trump becomes president, then he will verbally abuse and degrade all women of the US in a similar way he did to other women and de-prioritize them. Therefore, the only way this won’t happen is if more women realized this, went out and voted for Clinton.
[3] I think to some extent, this ad was effective towards Clinton’s campaign and her run for president. By making history as the first female Democratic nominee, she had focused much of her advertising and strategy towards winning the vote of women, minorities and young millennials and to do this, she had to point out the flaws of Trump’s reputation and his sexist views towards women. Although she ultimately lost the election, it cannot be denied that her influence towards inspiring young girls and voice for feminism and empowerment hasn’t influenced our nation to some extent. And with this ad, there is still fear in our country that Trump is NOT the president we want for our daughters.
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Feminist Undertones- Hillary Clinton Ad 20 Nov 2016 20:06 #10996

  • kristina.c
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I really enjoy this post because I saw this video first before the elections and I think it really maintains its importance now. His views were and still are for the most part very sexist. This video itself is a great depiction of all of the things Trump has done wrong in this election. I wish more people had seen this and understood it before the elections.
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