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TOPIC: Steve Jobs and Company Management

Steve Jobs and Company Management 21 Mar 2012 23:14 #342

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I never read the Steve Jobs biography, but I did read this article. And it got me thinking. According to critics Steve Jobs was ruthless, harsh, rude, impatient, mean, aggressive and rough, a jerk. Others, who claim they knew him, say he was always striving for perfection and that his characteristics were a part if this. They say he inspired people and was honest with them.

Who knows what side to take, but one thing seems clear: Steve Jobs was no saint.

To simply work for a company is one thing - you do what you're told to do and if you do it well you might get a promotion eventually. But when you get to the top, do you need to be like Steve Jobs? Is a different attitude needed to manage a company successfully?

So how do other major managers handle their companies? In this article, Bill Gates of Microsoft is described by critics as overbearing and bossy. BBC's article on media mogul Rupert Murdoch tells of a man with an aggressive management style. It seems to be going around.

So is it possible to run a business by being nice, treating people well and giving them feedback, or should you take after the top bosses. To me it seems that the one thing all successful managers have going for them is a vision, a goal. They know what the want. Then they have methods of conveying their goals to their employees and that's where characteristics come into play. What characteristics should a successful manager have?
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Re: Steve Jobs and Company Management 23 Mar 2012 15:16 #374

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I want to be a Business Owner but, not follow in the characteristics these three men have. I am a huge Bill Gates fan since I was younger and he inspired me to do entrepreneurial work. But, reading those articles kind of scared me a bit because, now I am wondering if I will have to be that way; then I noticed there is a difference.

The difference is they are men and I am a woman. Our personalities and how we handle things are different in many ways. Men are more dominant while, women are more parental like. There are still a few though, who are known for their attitudes but, its more for publicity than actual characteristics.

I do think there needs to be aggression but, only a certain level and it seems these men have not found it. If, we were weak and too nice people will take advantage so, there is a hint of toughness that is needed though, it should not effect who the person is.
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