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TOPIC: push or pull

push or pull 21 Feb 2012 22:05 #41

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According to the dictionary of Longman, media(medium) means a way of communicating information and news to people, such as newspapers and television. But as our professor mentioned in class, in a broad sense, meaning of media doesn’t limit in newspapers and television. It can be someone, clothes, shoes, and anything.
Today, I’m going to talk about design, especially human-interface.

There is a confusing door in my apartment. It is as if it says that ‘please push!’. So, at first, everybody tries to push the door, but no matter how many times he or she push it, it wouldn’t open. Yes, to open the door, we have to ‘pull’ it. As soon as people know how it works, they get surprised. I think most of you guys have experienced this kind of happening, and I’m wondering why it happen. Why do we push the door?

Everything is designed to be used appropriately. Basketballs are designed to be shot. Chairs are designed for people to be seated. Nobody wants to swim on chairs. If somebody swam on chairs actually, it would look weird because those designs and shapes don’t fit to swim. Designs convey an appropriate usage to users ,and they stipulate our behavior. Therefore, we sit on a chair and if designs fail to convey their message to us, we use something inappropriately. just like we try to push the door mistakenly.

Yesterday, I observe the door to know what kind of message that door send us. As far as I realized, there are at least two reasons leading us to misunderstanding. First one is that it doesn’t have a handle to pull. The other one is that it doesn’t have any notification to let us know if this door is supposed to be pushed or pulled. From these two, I can say that it’s necessary to ‘push’ the door. This is miss-designed.

From that observation, I learned that media is interaction. So when either side falls to send a message to the other side, unexpected things could happen.
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