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TOPIC: 16,000 Birthday Cards on Her 100th Birthday

16,000 Birthday Cards on Her 100th Birthday 30 May 2015 03:48 #7313

  • yanyu.s
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This article of a woman receiving 16,000 cards on her 100th birthday is so sweet. It's not everyday you turn 100. This woman doesn't have a husband, children, surviving relatives, or close friends so she must be very lonely. The people who made her birthday so special are really kind people. This lady deserves to have a special birthday, because turning 100 is not something that happens to everyone. Birthdays should be special and she doesn't have anyone close celebrating with her, so having so many cards delivered to her must have been so touching and surprising for her.

According to traditions, brithdays are supposed to be extremely special. Family and friends are supposed to celebrate with you and throw surprises. You should be surrounded by everyone you love and have birthday cakes and presents. Your family and friends should decorate your house with balloons and surprises. People have lots of expectations for birthdays, due to the popular media and social media. People are trying to one-up each other year after year.

I think that year after year, as you get older, birthdays are less "loud". I think once you reach 21 years old, that is the craziest birthday you have and after that, it gets more mellow. When you're young, your parents throw you large birthday parties with your family and school friends. As you get a bit older to middle school to high school age, your friends throw you parties and bring you presents and balloons to school. And reaching 16, you have your sweet sixteenth, then you reach 18th, and finally 21st. Many Americans look forward to reaching 21, because that is the United State's drinking age. Many Americans celebrate in Las Vegas. After that, people usually get drunk on their birthdays. Birthdays are celebrated in a less special way year after year.
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16,000 Birthday Cards on Her 100th Birthday 31 May 2015 21:49 #7345

  • francis.c
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Hi Yanyu.

It is true that someone that old deserves such a special birthday. Immediately what I think about when I think of someone that age is how many good friends and family she's outlived. The amount of people that she's had to see go before her. Sure her life means more than those that fell around her, but I believe it's hard to live with yourself after seeing so many friends just vanish from your life. You mentioned that she is very lonely, so this probably has something to do with it. A special birthday just helps to confirm that you are still living for something, and that must feel special in every way.
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