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TOPIC: Boy Grows Out His Hair For Donation Despite Teases

Boy Grows Out His Hair For Donation Despite Teases 05 Jun 2015 04:26 #7418

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This boy from Florida grew out his hair in order to donate to cancer patients despite being teased by others. I think he is such a wonderful example of the good kids out there. There are news stories all the time about misbehaved children that gives a bad reputation for all children. There are lots of bratty kids out there, but Christian is an example that not all children are badly behaved. Christian is a brave and generous kid. He really has a heart of gold, thinking about helping others before his own reputation. Although he was being teased, he did not give up and stuck it out til the end.

Children are mean. They don't have a censor and often says whatever is on their mind. Other children teased Christian about his hair often and made comments about him looking like a girl. When you're young, you want to fit it with others, so you often did whatever other kids did. The fact that Christian ignored the mean comments and continued to grow out his hair, that is bravery. He thought about the people with cancer and how they needed hair and stuck it out. He didn't let negative comments faze him. His parents should be so proud of the selfless child they raised.

In the modern day, people are often thinking about themselves and how they can benefit from other people and situations. There are less and less people thinking about helping others and supporting others. It is often difficult to get people to donate or help out. There needs to be more people like Christian. We need more selfless people to support the people in need. We need to support other humans, because who else will? We are all a part of this world, so we should help out and make this world a better place.
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