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TOPIC: CNN’s High Profits TV Show

CNN’s High Profits TV Show 06 Jun 2015 23:01 #7430

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I recently came upon a tv-documentary series on CNN, called High Profits. I think I know enough about cannabis and its industry that I usually don't watch anything about it anymore. But, I decided to give it a try and was surprised to find out that this is an area I haven't learned about, and it's cannabis legalization, and it's affects on a small skiing community in Breckenridge, Colorado. This town is known for it's skiing resorts and a place where you can have a pleasant vacation. The community is small and tight knit being a small town. The people that run the town are the city council member, being, they can do without state and federal, and run their town in almost isolation from outside authority. This is what intrigued me the most, because the town in general is like a large city like Los Angeles, or New York, but smaller, and it's functions, simpler. This way it give you the opportunity to view how our major cities run by understanding this community and their dilemmas. It's very informative and a great watch if you have some spare time.

This tv show is about a couple who have a medical marijuana dispensary on the main tourist road and have been fighting to keep it their. The couple basically got the permit to open up a dispensary 4 years before the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, and now that it's legal, are gaining major profit, from the tourist market, and have left other dispensary that decided, make shop a little further away, in the dust. Cannabis being legal now in Colorado, through this t.v show, I've learned through it's context, is a major revenue stream for the state of Colorado. But due to the Cannabis being a federally illegal class one drug nation wide, the dispensaries in Colorado have to pay their taxes in all cash, and aren't allowed to used any banks because of federal regulation.

Colorado being the testing grounds for this legalization, is showing promising results for the future of cannabis. Taxes from cannabis can help the economy in a major way, and if we legalize cannabis in America, it would stop the underground market, instantly. The main problem we face is our older generation and their views on cannabis, due to President Franklin Roosevelt's administration. The campaigns that were run and showed during that time made Cannabis use view as a moral sin and still to this day the we can feel the remnants it. Media played a large role in spreading this ideal and in the t.v show it shows. The older generation of people don't know why they are against cannabis, and when they do, it is usually remnants of propaganda. This goes to show that we as a society need to look at what goes on in the media and what it's doing to our generation to find our what propaganda we are gobbling up, due to the quality of media production, I wouldn't be surprised if it is something major.
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