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TOPIC: Woman thanks police officer

Woman thanks police officer 07 Sep 2015 17:56 #7508

  • Kela.C
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Part of my morning routine is to read about recent news, articles and upcoming events in my area. Today i found an interesting article on Yahoo about a woman from Georgia who wrote a thank you note to a police officer. I was actually shocked when i starting reading this article and surprised that someone would take the time to write a thank you note to an officer for receiving a speeding ticket! She was very positive in her note and stated that " i feel very blessed to be protected by wonderful people like you". I felt it was important to write about this since there are so many stereotypes about police officers lately and they are all over the media.

Most articles i read are about how most officers are racist and just bag guys who are taking advantage of the power they were given. The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of police offers who were given the power to use their weapon and use it for the wrong reasons. Although the conclusions we make that all cops are bad guys is also unfortunate. I feel very strongly about this subject since i have an older brother who works for NYPD. We always get into discussions about the articles we read in the media and ask his opinion on them. His answer is always " I don't make a conclusion until all of the facts are out".

The fact is that there are bad people everywhere and we need to stop labeling their counterparts based on one thing that someone else did. Officers like my brothers risk their lives everyday and get paid very little to do so. I truly believe that there are still good cops out there and my big brother is a great example of that. He gives back to the community, takes a stand when he meets a corrupt officer and volunteers in lower income areas around New York. Unfortunately the violence will never end although it is refreshing to read an article about someone who appreciates their local officers and everything they do.
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Woman thanks police officer 08 Sep 2015 10:33 #7516

  • amalia.l
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Wow, that's cool that that lady did that. I would never have thought to write a thank you to an officer for something like a speeding ticket. If you have a link to the article, I would be interested in reading it just to see more about what she wrote. I think you are right in the sense that, yes, it is unfortunate people feel the need to make large generalizations about certain groups of people. While I'm sure the majority of officers are very respectful and serious about their job, there are a few who seem to do the opposite. Unfortunately, the few people who do the outlandish things (in any scenario not just with cops) are the ones who get the most attention from the media, because crazy things like cops shooting people, get more views than "ordinary" things, like a cop helping maneuver a traffic jam outside the SMC parking lot every single morning. That is a hard thing to change, since media is of course going to want to use the things that get the most viewers to tune in, but I think it's an awesome start to see an article like that, which has a positive connotation towards police.
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