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TOPIC: Breast Feeding in public

Breast Feeding in public 20 Sep 2015 00:21 #7653

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First and foremost let me start off by saying that I am a mom of a lovely 2 year old, and yes, I also breast fed him until he turned 1. With all this being said here is were I draw the line and throw in my two cents of a discussion. So as I am trying to be more media engaged, I log into my Facebook and the first post I see is a picture of military women out in what looks like a grassy field breast feeding. My initial thoughts were why would they take a picture of themselves breastfeeding and post it up for the entire world to see. So as I am thinking about all of this I then start to scroll through the comments to get a feel to why people think this picture was ok. Because if we are being frank I wasn't okay with this picture. So some of the comments were as follows, "why make a big deal, they are just breast! It is natural.", "they are just feeding their babies", "why the double standard, would you make a bid deal If you saw someone bottle feeding their baby?", and I even saw a very nasty comment that said, "this is why women shouldn't be in the military!". So my first response to all of this was this is a load of bull s**t! I felt very strong about the comments and the picture and not because I was against breastfeeding, hey I did it! But because the way people are misconstruing what they are allowed to do in their uniforms when it comes to being in the military.
I think at some point in time many people that are currently active duty forgot what they signed themselves up for when they went into the military. I was too in the military and I perfectly understood that being in the military came first and then everything else. Probably this is why I was mostly upset when talking about the picture, because people think this is some type of revolution but in all reality its just a way to break a rule. No, they are not out of uniform when in an area that is designed for women to breastfeed when in uniform, but when they choose to do this outside in an open area with their uniform is when they decided to break uniform rules that have been in place to make the military as a whole look unified. Now there's a double standard for you, why is it that they tend to yell at you for not having your pants bloused up, but are okay to turn their cheeks the other way when it comes to a picture like this. Do not get it wrong, I am not against breast feeding, but every mother knows around what time their children will be hungry. So if someone's argument will be that if the child is hungry you have to feed a child, then you must be a very disorganized mother and really need to start reevaluating what your priorities are versus trying to state that the picture is solely representing a mother breastfeeding their child while in uniform.
Look everyone, overall I am not saying this is a dooming picture and maybe these ladies, if trying to prove a point, should've gone a different route and should've snapped the picture indoors. But they choose not to, stating in my eyes, that the rules do no apply to them because they have babies they need to feed and that everyone should deal with it. But as a mother speaking to other mothers, to me you are just showing the world that you fail to follow orders. You are showing the world that you are defiant and that you don't know your child very well, because you cant prepare breast milk bottles for your baby and if the baby gets hungry where ever you will be breastfeeding in the middle of the 405 traffic if need be. So if you are in the military plan to work around the military. If you have to breastfeed your child because they eat around 3pm and you know that, and your still in uniform, be professional by breastfeeding in private. Yes, its normal to you, and yes, its just feeding your baby, but not everyone sees your breast as just a natural thing and you just feeding your baby. Unfortunately some see your breast as more than just a food source for your child. So everyone agree to disagree, but you are in the service and in all reality your opinion doesn't matter if you disagree, you have to abide by rules. Hence this is why I am not in the military anymore, because my priority became my family.

See the image would've been beautiful and not so controversial If they weren't in uniform. Because as a civilian you can do what you want because you live in a so called free country(I know, not so free). But as a service member rules apply.
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