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TOPIC: Family Events

Family Events 10 Oct 2015 13:32 #7972

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I am not one to complain about what people decide to wear out in public, and maybe I am a prude to say that at times I feel that some people should just go ahead and be naked out in pubic if they are going to wear the little that they do. OKAY, I get it, we are in America, Its a free country, but really? I do think that people do not realize that we are not at the beach, club or their own home. Let me say that, I am not an insecure person, I am confident in myself and I am confident in my relationship and respect that my significant other gives me. But, I do not appreciate it when I have a 20yr olds butt cheeks in front of my face while using the escalator. I also do not find it appropriate when you decide you want to wear no shirt at the zoo because you are a little hot. I understand, its hot, you probably love to show what you have, but please don't do this at a family event. I think that there are plenty of clubs and beaches around here, where you can by all means have that awesome two piece and no shirt if that's what you want.

Overall, all I can do is vent, and all I can do is look at the ground or sky because I really do not want to see all your body parts. But if you feel that this is just who you are, and that you are a free spirited person that needs to feel free in everyway shape and form go ahead, just stay away from family events or be a tad more modest. But of course, you don't have to listen to me, this is a free country. :}
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