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TOPIC: Media's Influence in Teenage Crime Publicity

Media's Influence in Teenage Crime Publicity 24 Oct 2015 20:40 #8203

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Earlier this week I was browsing on Twitter, and I came across an article about five college students who were arrested for brutal hazing in Mississippi this week. When I initially came across this article I skipped it because I wasn’t really too interested. However, later that day my friend sent me a screenshot of the article pointing out that one of the five boys was a classmate of mine from high school last year. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, I later checked Facebook and noticed a bunch of my classmates posted statuses regarding the same article. I was completely taken aback by how fast this story traveled through the media and how fast it gained so much public attention.
When I initially heard about the article I skimmed it because I see so many of these stories day to day and I didn’t necessarily find it relevant. It really struck me though when I found out that one of my former classmates had been involved in such a crime. It was amazing to see how within an hour all of this attention was suddenly focused on the case. I suddenly noticed a bunch of people I went to high school with debating the justification of the issue and arguing in support of the arrest or not. It was really interesting to see how much debate came out of one article that was posted. It was almost like instantaneously all these people started going back and forth on Facebook sharing their opinions. People who probably didn’t even know him that well now had an outlet to just openly express their feelings regarding the arrest.
This really showed me how impactful the media can be in any news related story. It was in this moment that I realized that if it were not for the media, I probably wouldn’t have even known that my classmate was arrested. It was initially really surprising to be able to identify someone I knew on the news but it was even more of an eye opener to see strangers commenting on the issue. This particular scenario really made clear how the media can be an outlet for open debate about any issue or topic. I also found it really interesting how I first came across this story on Twitter. I feel like news channels are a lot more focused on appealing to the older generations so it’s important for social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to advocate news that appeals to a younger demographic. I think this is one of the reasons the advent of media has progressed and sustained for so long is because it is so versatile and in this day in age anything and everything can be accessed through some outlet of the media.
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