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TOPIC: Women who lift

Women who lift 01 Nov 2015 16:44 #8306

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Let us talk about all the women who are lifting as a way of working out. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I strongly think that this is a good thing! Many fear that if a women lifts heavy weights that they will get bulky and look like men. But, fortunately for everyone this is not true unless that’s the goal and that will require lots of training with a customized meal plan. The fact is that women need to encourage one another and encourage each other to start lifting heavy; which in turn will make us look amazing! Well, let me be honest, I know that this can be difficult to do even for the person that wants to do it. I do think weights can be intimidating even for the person that wants that change because of the loads of guys surrounding that area/part of the gym. Yes, it is 2015 and there are some women lifting heavy but this is still not enough. Let us merge out of the treadmills and elliptical and get to the squat rack, drop it low and get strong! Besides all jokes, I do think that lifting weights is beneficial for any goal. Please, I really doubt that Michelle Lewin and The Rock were born fit; dedication will allow you to achieve any goal. But if I made anyone curious enough to start lifting weights; don’t just take my word for it, do your research and start your journey.
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Women who lift 15 Nov 2015 17:08 #8495

  • kristina.g
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I am among many women who lift. I lift because I short of have to .
It comes with my athletic lifestyle. I run track and because of this we have weight lifting days during practice. I have grown into my upper body strength because of lifting which is the pro in my situation but as women I feel we shouldn't be lifting like men. Yes we should workout but I feel like if we are lifting it shouldn't be anything over 60 pounds . I understand what you mean when you say us women need to encourage one another more often but we do not need Manish body building body's. I have even gone around and ask guys do they find a women shaped like a body builder attractive and the answer I get is always no . So this makes me afraid to lift heavy because I feel like I couldn't attract the opposite sex. I feel as some women might take pride in lifting feeling as if they have something to prove to the men who lift like its nothing . I think we don't stop to think we are women , we do not have to fall under nor be on top in the gym world against men. Although you make some valid points I just personally overall feel like lifting shouldn't be for ladies.
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