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TOPIC: Disciplining Children

Disciplining Children 08 Nov 2015 19:51 #8411

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Lately I have noticed a large amount of posts focusing on the discipline of children. The post seem to focus on the childs behavior towards adults and in public. Many adults are saying that this generation of children are disrespectful self-entitled spoiled brats. Posting comments that this is all due to “these” children not being disciplined the “old fashion” way. Obviously refereeing to hitting and having the mentality of seeing the children but not hearing them. Well then, call me the “new” generation or the “modern” parent, but I just can’t imagine someone thinking that the root of the problem with children acting out is due to not spanking them enough or at all.
But do people really feel that children have no feelings and deserve no respect because of their age? For example, why is it that we are okay with hitting children when the child seems to have different opinion then the parent, but not okay when an adult hits another adult when they have difference of opinions? Let me be more clear, why is it okay to hit your child when he or she gets upset because they are tired, but it is not okay to just hit your wife or husband because they might be tired and are angry and upset over everything? Why is it okay to hit the child but not the adult? Why is it okay to yell at the child but not yell at the adult? And why is it okay to talk down to a child to show dominance and try and gain “respect?” I obviously do not think that this is okay, yes, I do have a son. Yes, he is a sweet heart and very well behaved. Of course he throws tantrums, but he is two, and he doesn’t know any better. Will I spank him because he wanted to cry and throw and tantrum because he wanted eat paper and I didn’t let him? No! I will actually be a parent and sit there and explain to him that his reaction was not okay and that it isn’t normal to eat paper nor act the way he did. I let him know about consequences and I also allow him to have an opinion. Okay, he is still very young, but in all reality I don’t expect him to have respect towards me by hitting him. I may be modern, but I don’t think that the root to the way some children act is due to not enough spanking. I do think it’s because parents are not taking the time to be parents and then when they give it a go they give up when it becomes too difficult.
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