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TOPIC: Abortion

Abortion 02 Dec 2015 00:45 #8734

  • shilla.z
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Recently, I read a rare case on Fox News on abortion. A man payed $33,000 to a surrogate to have a his baby his sperm and a donors eggs. This man became very overwhelmed when he was told that the surrogate was having triplets. He demands this the lady carrying his three children to abort one immediately. Of course the surrogate mother declines, because she has carried the babies for a couple months now and she has built a connection with them.
Another reason is because, in the beginning he agreed to contract saying that they would plant three healthy embryos in her (expecting one to work, not all three!!), and for the first child he would pay her $33,000 and in the case she has a second or third child he has to pay $6,000 more for each child. The idea of taking care of two more kids and having to also pay more for them makes this man furious.
I don't understand this whole business. It is not right to have a baby if you can't be mature about it. This man obviously does not want to keep his word in the contract, but he needs to grow up if he wants to take care of a child. Of course I understand It's a big jump from having no kids to three, bu the chances were drawn out in the contract so it was a possibility that he knew could happen.
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Abortion 06 Dec 2015 15:07 #8765

  • kristina.g
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I definitely have to express my opinion to this topic . Like it is said "take care of your responsibilities ". As a man I think he is showing his coward side to the world and his unborn children . It to me is unfair to decide rather or not you want your child born or not but its reality . All do respect 3 might be too much for this mans life but simply asking someone to abort a child just for your expenses is selfish to me . The big deal here is that not only is she having 3 kids but he has a signed contract which he will have to stick by . I feel as if you would feel this way you should of overlooked all life possibilities before you agreed to the birth of a child rather it be 1 or more than . For the sake of his children he needs to be a mature adult and deal with what's he brought with .
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