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TOPIC: Should Children Be Seen But Not Heard?

Should Children Be Seen But Not Heard? 13 Dec 2015 20:48 #8869

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Because I am doing a research paper on domestic corporal punishment I have encountered many articles with comments that clearly state their opinion on children around adults while the adults are having a conversation. Many have said that, “children have no place in adult conversations nor should they be heard during the times that adults get together.” I personally find this to be very one sided and very unfair for the child. Parents and even adults in general do disagree with me and say that, “children should be seen and not heard." This doesn't just refer to the child interrupting the parent or an adult to input their opinion. I am talking about parents and adults saying that children should not speak at all when adults are talking which includes the child asking for something (food, allowed to play…etc.)or even wanting to go home. It seems to me that many agree that children pretty much have to do everything an adult says and not have any sort of opinion or say in the matter. Do not get my words confused and think that I believe a child should listen to adults when they are talking about sexual things, graphic things and maybe even some deaths (a few things I may include under this list may not be listed), but then again, I would choose a more appropriate time in having these kinds of conversations when my child isn’t in the same structure as me when these types of conversations are happening. I feel that a child is human and should be allowed to listen to what you as a person have to say, so that they can see how people communicate. This means, that because I do think that it’s okay for the child to have an input, the conversation pretty much has to be appropriate. I do understand that many will disagree with me, but also understand that I do disagree with you. Because a child doesn’t choose to be around the adult when conversations like this happen, and children that want to be around don’t know any better and are curious, I feel that this can only be solved by the adult. I do feel that the adult has the ability to have these types of conversations else were and if you don’t want the child to listen in, have an input or interrupt the conversation, then just don’t have these conversations in front of children. I also do not condone allowing the child to just rudely say something while someone is talking, as a parent or adult, have common sense and teach the child when it is appropriate to say something.
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Should Children Be Seen But Not Heard? 28 Feb 2016 10:42 #8936

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I think that children should be allowed to speak up. If you are haveing adult conversations then do not have the children there. Children are people too with their own opinions. I grew up in a household where our voices were not heard. We had no sense of opinion and it was extremely disrespectful to interrupt an adult. Kids get tired, sleepy, bored, and sometimes they are completely ignored at a family event. If as a parent you decide to have your kids with you then do not ignore them. Let the kids speak up and listen to what they have to say. The have amazing minds and opinion. Sometimes they make more logic than adults.
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