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TOPIC: Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump 28 Feb 2016 17:12 #8961

  • mckenziewillis
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This week Kim Kardashian finally posted a picture of her beautiful baby boy. It is safe to say that the media went crazy! Everyone including myself was so excited to see her new child with celebrity rapper Kanye West! With all of the posts of her new son and all of the attention they were getting, it made me think about how unimportant it really is in the big scheme of things. We have a presidential race going on right now, that Donald Trump is doing a hell of a good job in. We are headed towards a man constantly changing his policies and making absurd statements becoming the leader of our country. This cannot happen!

I believe that we must focus on the important things in life! We must give the same amount of attention if not more to the presidential race, it will determine a lot more than an image of Saint West will. While he was a cute baby boy, we must focus on the important things!

I cant be the only one that sees I?!
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Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump 28 Feb 2016 19:15 #8969

  • michelle.h
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I catch myself getting caught up in trivial entertainment daily, while social and political change, that will affect me for the rest of my life, is occurring right outside my door. In your situation, I believe this is because the majority of us would rather celebrate the smile of a new baby, compared to watching the hate and hypocrisy we see occur in politics. As a society, we prefer to distract ourselves with the "guilty pleasures" we can so easily seek out in our current media than follow news on politics, war, prejudice, economy, and environmental destruction.

Media has amazing potential for resolving world issues such as these, and although many of us are currently too interested in our Instagram feeds to turn to a newspaper, acknowledging this fact may just be the first step we need to begin incorporating a balance of the two into our media participation.
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