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TOPIC: Chickens the underrated pet

Chickens the underrated pet 31 Mar 2016 14:21 #9369

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Our idea of chickens are they either go into a soup or they lay eggs and they always run away from you if you ever try to catch one. Recently, I read that they are unintelligent animals because there transition from childhood to adulthood is very short, leaving them very little time to develop.

Most people don’t keep chickens as pets in the house they way we have domesticated cats and dogs. There’s a video you can find on instagram or youtube where a chicken walks up to a boy and hugs him. This goes to show that any animal can be brought up to share a relationship with another being and that they shouldn’t be seen as mindless animals when obviously have the capability to love.

My aunt and uncle adopted chickens and keep them in the backyard for eggs. The adult chickens still run away, but the baby chicks have learned to let you hold them and pet them.
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