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TOPIC: Mentality

Mentality 15 May 2016 22:10 #9818

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As I was taking my flight to Los Angeles, I was reading the book "The Holographic Universe" on the way there. One of the studies that I found very interesting had to do with what we believe is going to happen. For example, 60 people in the hospital had some form of cancer. For half of those patients, they did an experiment in which they told them that they were going to receive chemotherapy, but in reality they only injected them with water. 30% of those people who thought that they had just gotten chemotherapy actually started balding. This is amazing to show that the things you think about really can happen to you, even without any drugs at all. It also went onto say that it is commonly believed that illness comes from outside of ourselves, but most of the time, we actually attract the illness with our own minds. There have even been cases which patients find out from the doctor that they have cancer. They believed in self-healing so much that the tumors eventually vanished. Our mind plays a huge role in the outcome of illness, whether we know it or not. It's great to know that the power is in our hands.
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