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TOPIC: Weekly thoughts and reflection.

Weekly thoughts and reflection. 04 Jun 2016 13:31 #10025

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Here's my thought about how my week went and what I learned and thought i'd share it and read what others would think about it and also discuss if they have different thoughts on how i'm thinking.
On tolerance and aging: After working three 13-hour shifts this week, my personal and physical endurance was put to the test. My legs felt like jelly underneath me by the end of yesterday. I have always had a high tolerance for "gross " (I'm comfortable eating while discussing bowel movement, puking, etc), but this week was a whole other level of it. This week, I gave senior residents showers. While lacing all my actions with a smile to hold back my internal screaming, I bathed these people. I got under their sagging skin, their creases, their underarms, etc. My reaction of disgust shifted to pity, added patience, and care. We forget that one day we will age, that our tight bodies will slowly shift from place, and that we will not be able to do the things we previously had with such ease.
On self-image and beauty: some of the women I showered were more shy at me giving them their shower than my older coworkers, because of their views on their body. "You don't want to see this." "My body is a mess compared to your young one." It made me think about my insecurities and how I view myself and how that no matter how beautiful people are, we are eternally physically self-conscious. We don't accept all the "flaws" of our bodies and see the beauty of them and know what time can inevitable do to all of us. ~your souls are what need to remain beautiful~ ---as cliche as it may seem. It's all you have after 60+ years.
On feminism and relationships: I had a discussion with a good friend of mine on relationships, and something she said resonates with me and I tossed and turned in my mind all week. "And something else I realized, the patriarchy screwed us over in another way. It's not that we're not interested in nice guys or only go for the horrible guys. We're conditioned to be suspicious of a guy who affirms us too easily. As women, we're made to question a lot of our choices and not be as confident as guys. We work way harder to be taken seriously and so when a nice guy is crushing on us, something feels off to us."
Contemplate that one my friends^
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