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TOPIC: I fear for my fellow riders

I fear for my fellow riders 08 Sep 2016 17:15 #10089

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Today I came across a video originally posted by an online Media website that I follow on Facebook called ".Mic". The caption that was included was " Cop pulls gun on a black motorcyclist." Anything that has to do with motorcycles and the people who ride them always catches my attention and this posting was no different. Given the array of stories of white cops killing black men and the stereotypical characteristics that are put upon motorcyclist I was intrigued that the two clashed in this story. Fortunately for the individual that was involved in this incident got away with his life.
The video itself is not very long as I suspect it was condensed to show the primary engagement between the off-duty officer and black motorist. In the video the motorist is wearing a GoPro camera attached to his helmet and you can see him pull up to a red light and to the right of him a truck pulled out of traffic and stopped in front of him and the other cars that were at the stop light. A white off-duty officer immediately drew his gun out and pointed it directly to the motorcyclist. Fearing for his own life, the motorcyclist rode off.
The reasoning that was stated by off-duty officer for taking such actions was that the motorcyclist was "driving reckless. " However, in the minutes leading up to this you can clearly see that the individual was by no means, putting himself or others at danger with the way he was driving. Watching this video made me feel angry and disappointed that law enforcement takes advantaged of the authority that is suppose to be earned and respected. I couldn't help but think if this individual was targeted by the officer because of his race and the fact that he was on a motorcycle. From my own experience being part of the bike life, cops seem to like to play a cat and mouse type game with us. I have been smart enough to bring no attention to myself by any type of law enforcement but watching videos like this makes me fear cops. I think this video is a prime example of law enforcement taking matters way to far and puts individuals in a position to where they feel their own life is a risk.
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