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TOPIC: Tech bloggers are ruining the IPHONE 7

Tech bloggers are ruining the IPHONE 7 10 Sep 2016 15:56 #10110

  • juhyunh
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Today, I recognized that the top trending topic on Twitter feed was the iPhone 7. Reading through many tweets that both criticized and praised the newest addition to Apple’s lineup of phones, something that really caught my eye were the “experts” who have apparently already tested the phone and were able to try out the new features including the Bluetooth earpieces.
I was skeptical at first, because I seriously wondered how these self proclaimed tech experts were able to get their hands on a brand new iPhone that hadn’t been released out to the public yet, let alone it’s only available for pre-order. Reading through their reviews, I found that their commentaries were very general, lacking specific details (example: “The new iOS camera is, as promised, the best camera available on the market right now”)

I thought I would share a blog that talks about the missing headphone jack:
Talk about a missing headphone jack has been in the works for months before Tim Cook presented the launching of the iPhone 7 at Silicon Valley. The talking force behind these rumors? Tech bloggers. I remember even the popular tech site Mashable began to speculate that there will be bluetooth headphones in the newest iPhone before the 7 was even in the manufacturing stage.

I began to think and believe that perhaps their reviews were simply a media tactic that existed mainly as a way for more chatter about the new phone to go around and for more people to think that these commentaries was enough to choose to buy/not to buy the phone. Society is most likely to believe any type of rumor that is going around as long as if there is supported evidence from the “experts”. This issue is no exception and I believe that several of these tech blogs will directly affect how consumers will react when the new phone actually launches, because their media exposure is widespread to reach a high level of consumers.
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Tech bloggers are ruining the IPHONE 7 11 Sep 2016 21:03 #10165

  • KrisakornNiamsomboon
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It's normal for people with following to get their hand on certain tech before it is release to the public. Right now it's already confirm that the audio jack won't exist in the new iphone 7 and it's honestly troublesome for me.

I was going to switch right away but now I will wait and see how people react to the new changes. I personally think it's a hassle having to buy dongle or whatever just to use the my earphones. I also certainly NOT going to be buying earpods that are 160$.

I don't remember the exact word for it but advertisers in big companies already account people who are personalities and how they lead a large following. These tech reviewer experts and tech channels in general normally have huge influence when it comes to convincing people to buy or not. I think that's normally. It's up to us as the consumer to pin point who is reliable when it comes to getting tech news.
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