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TOPIC: Youtube De-monetizing videos = Controversial

Youtube De-monetizing videos = Controversial 11 Sep 2016 20:58 #10163

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Nowadays we live in a new media age where people are getting there news and information from social media rather than Television and Newspapers. Today, there have been a lot of YouTube personalities speaking out about how their videos are getting de-monetized because the videos were controversial. In the new YouTube policy any video that talk about sensitive or controversial topic are deemed advertiser unfriendly and will not be monetize. This means that the people who made the video will essentially get no more for the video they have posted.

A lot of YouTubers have come out and say that this is a form of censorship. Since a lot of YouTubers rely on in-come on the videos to sustain themselves. By not giving them the income they need to sustain YouTube is essentially stopping people to create content that they don't like. This is a big deal to the community because the whole appeal of YouTube was the freedom of expression. Back then you could share and make whatever you want without getting scared about getting into trouble. Nowadays, the focus seem to be more about making PC friendly content or else....

My take on this situation is that I can understand why so many content creators are upset. It's pretty scary to think that your main source of in-come might be taken away if you make content that YouTube doesn't like. As someone who just watches these videos I'm mostly worried about the state of YouTube overall and how it can continue being unreasonable to the people that have made YouTube as big as it is now. Besides the whole de-monetizing situation there has just been a lot of problems going on with YouTube. People are just not happy with the current state of the site and it makes me wonder if there will be a new video sharing site that can potentially compete with YouTube. Just like how Facebook took over as the main social media when people were unhappy with Myspace.

I would love to know what you guys think about this situation and your opinion on the state of youtube as a whole.
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