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TOPIC: Brock Turner the Rapist

Brock Turner the Rapist 11 Sep 2016 22:15 #10176

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Brock Turner was a student athlete at Stanford University and he sexually assaulted and violated an unconscious 22-year-old woman. It happened behind a dumpster and Turner and the woman were both intoxicated with alcohol; because of that, many people discredit he did anything wrong. People said disgusting things like she’s deserving of it for letting herself get so drunk. This case was concluded with charging Turner for an insanely short sentence of 6 months in jail, NOT even prison (and only serving 3 months). He had an overwhelming amount of support from the judge that sentenced him and his family; his father claiming his life shouldn’t be ended for “20 minutes of action.”

Whether we agree or not, this is part of rape culture and white male privilege. There was plenty of evidence that proved Turner committed this crime, like the witnesses that caught him in the act, so lack of evidence wasn’t the reason for such short of a sentence. The judge in the case, ironically, was a student athlete at Stanford so it’s no lie that he identified with Turner when he stated that a long sentence was an overreach and it would negatively impact his life. But isn’t this the point of prison, to be impacted for the crime that was committed? On top of the crime being rape, an issue that continuously is shut down because it questions the victim's’ credibility, it was committed by a wealthy white male student who held privilege.

In another rape case of student athlete Corey Batey, he also assaulted an unconscious woman. There was also evidence that proved this crime, so a judge immediately sentenced him to minimum 15-25 years in prison. The difference between these two cases is that Batey was Black and Turner was White.This sentence was necessary for such a crime, but the same accountability should have been upheld for Turner. Unfortunately, statistics prove African-Americans and Latinos are given far harsher sentences than White criminals. This issue is about race and gender, and how society continues to criminalize minorities.
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