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TOPIC: Make-up Tutorial YouTuber

Make-up Tutorial YouTuber 17 Sep 2016 12:28 #10209

  • Minjung.K
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YouTube has became No.1 video website in the world. There are uncountable video that has been uploaded by people, government, company and etc. Today I want to talk about girls' make up video which is one of the fastest growing industry per day. Beauty YouTuber , Bethany Mota, has 8.5 million subscribers for her beauty channel. I have watched her video several times because she caught my eyes with her beauty. In my opinion, many girls watch to know about the new product about the make up before they buy the stuff or to get helped to put make up by themselves. some of her make-up tutorial video has 13 million views. And, she specify the product that she bought and make a comment on the product whether it's good or not so that people can know ahead which is good before they really buy. Bethany actually gets sponsored by some of the make-up product company since so many people are watching it and actually buy from her comment. Interestingly, most of the stuff that she used was not popular stuff but now became one of the best-selling in Sophora. Thus, In my opinion, In our generation we are not vulnerable to advertisement like past generations but we actually have to see someone trying it to buy something.
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Make-up Tutorial YouTuber 30 Sep 2016 20:12 #10388

  • juhyunh
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Hi Minjung
I found your post to be particularly interesting because I've experienced the same thing with fellow Youtuber Michelle Pham who was also a major beauty expert on the popular video uploading site. I agree with you, seeing all their videos and how their products work definitely entices you to buy it.
However, much of their endorsements are major media tactics in order to sell advertisements and sell products. For example, I've noticed that ever since Michelle Pham landed a $1 million deal with a major makeup company to collaborate in creating her own custom line, that's all the products that she's using in her videos now, which makes me a bit flustered. I appreciated how affordable and original her style was before her fame and have unhappily unsubscribed to her newly popularized and glamorized channel full of promotional events.
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