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TOPIC: Legal Trouble Due to Social Media

Legal Trouble Due to Social Media 18 Sep 2016 19:19 #10252

  • KrisakornNiamsomboon
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I'm starting to notice that people are getting to get in trouble for things that post in social media. It started of light with people being force to remove their message if it's too offensive. I remember reading about a girl who post gun and bomb emoji about the library and the police charge her with terrorist threat.

Things that you say are on the internet are starting to have very huge consequences. The scary part about this for me personally is that it's really hard to interpret intent when you read what people type on the internet. So you can potentially get into trouble base of a joke that people interpret incorrectly.

With news about how people are losing jobs or school scholarship over a few comments over facebook it makes me not even want to engage or even have a facebook account. What's the point of having an account that showcase things that people can cherry pick to paint me in a negative light? Is this a trend that we are just going to accept as ok? People using things you post and twist it in ways that can potentially harm you?

I think modern law is not sophisticated enough to handle punishing people base of what they say on the internet. It will be very interesting in the future if our law will be updated just to classify what's okay and what's not when it comes to things you post on social media.

People have a right to free speech yet if you say something that might accidentally harm someone's image you can get sue'd for slander. If you say an opinion that's not popular you might get fired from your job or expelled from your school. It's feels like there is less freedom of speech on the internet than in real life which is something I never thought was going to happen.
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