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ISLAMOPHOBIA 02 Oct 2016 16:51 #10420

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This week I wanted to comment about a video that I watched online, here’s the link if you guys are interested in watching it.

It is not a secret that people are getting more and more scared of the radical Islamic followers. Islamophobia exists and it’s increasing all over the world, especially in countries in Europe and in the US. I was reading an article about how people from the US have changed their opinion regarding the Islamic communities. It said that in the polls made in 2015, 56% of people were in some way anxious, or at least they had a negative thought towards Islamic people when being near to them.

This is a really interesting topic for me because I try to be as open-minded as possible towards every race, but sometimes I catch myself being judgmental when surrounded by Muslims. My sister is married to an awesome guy from Morocco so I ‘m constantly battling with myself about my judgmental mind. So, I can understand Islamophobia is becoming more and more popular, however, I’m not defending anyone. I believe there are good and bad people in all the religions and I know it is really unfair to generalize an opinion about Muslims.

For the people who doesn’t know what Islamophobia exactly is here is the definition:

“dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.”

I believe this is one of those things that are happening in our world and that we don’t talk about it. Maybe, because we are afraid of being judge for being judgmental, does that make sense ?

But I also think recognizing that in some way or another we are being part of judging Muslims is the first step to finish this awful thing to keep happening and growing.

I wanted to share some facts about Islam, with you people in order to see beyond the terrorist acts.

- The Islam was created in the 7th century and is the 2nd oldest religion.

- The Islam has 2.2 million followers and that is the 20% of the world population.

So if we think about these, we shouldn’t allow a minority (being the Islamic terrorists) erase all the centuries in which the Islam wasn’t known for.
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