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TOPIC: Luke Cage series on Netflix

Luke Cage series on Netflix 15 Oct 2016 23:19 #10566

  • chidera.o
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This week, I finished watching a Marvel-produced show on Netflix called “Luke Cage”. The television series is based on the Marvel character Luke Cage, and is about Carl Lucas, a convict (who was framed by his half brother Willis Stryker A.K.A. Diamondback), who is a product of prison experimentation that left him with super strength and being practically indestructible. Carl Lucas fakes his death in a prison explosion, runs away to build a new life in Harlem, New York, and changes his name to Luke Cage.
The representation of races and ethnic backgrounds in the show was probably one of the best that I’ve seen in television this year. Majority of the characters in the show were either black, or Latinx, which is a very accurate representation of the people of Harlem. The show was also very in touch with today’s pop culture and issues, touching on everything from the issues of police brutality to the “whip and nae nae”. Also, the show did a great job in presenting Harlem’s important history in the arts and entertainment. The character of Luke Cage is intelligent, witty, passionate, and selfless. I believe this is so important, because it is rare for people to see black people play such a bright character in film or television.
“Luke Cage” is a television show about a superhero that does not look like the ideal superhero we have seen throughout the course of history. He does not wear spandex, or have his own uniform, (although throughout the show he wears hoodies covered in bullet holes from being shot at all the time). I think the show was excellent in more aspects than just being entertaining. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out “Luke Cage” on Netflix. Not only do I believe that it is extremely entertaining, but I also believe that it is a television show that many people can learn from, regardless of their background.
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Luke Cage series on Netflix 16 Oct 2016 17:11 #10583

  • alyssa.r.
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Hi chidera.o,

I haven't gotten the chance to watch Luke Cage yet, but I look forward to it. I was first introduced to this actor when he played Luke Cage in the Jessica Jones series. I liked his backstory and the way he portrayed his character in Jessica Jones. He was a little bit elusive, but that makes sense now that he has he own series. I agree that there aren't enough well-written and complex roles for black actors so I'm glad to hear you say that the writing in Luke Cage was truer to reality and racially diverse.

This has nothing to do with your initial post, but did you see the video of Luke Cage edited to look like the intro to Family Matters?
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Luke Cage series on Netflix 16 Oct 2016 17:47 #10587

  • tiffany.g
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Hello Chidera! I actually have been watching "Luke Cage" on Netflix as well, and I completely agree with your review on the show. Diamondback being Luke's half brother was actually a spoiler for me haha! But I really also think it’s great that the show has so much representation. I personally feel like it makes the show feel so much more real and relatable. It’s realistic in its issues that are occurring within the community, like how Luke Cage gets profiled by police while walking down the street wearing a hoodie. This also reminds me how important it is for children, and anyone, to see representations of themselves in TV shows through positive, heroic characters like Luke Cage and Misty, the detective.
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