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TOPIC: Eric Trump: Lemonade Thief

Eric Trump: Lemonade Thief 23 Oct 2016 19:36 #10686

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A photo went viral on social media of Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump at the restaurant In N Out. He was seen holding a water cup filled with lemonade in it. The photo was posted on Twitter stating “This is a photo of my homey grant [SIC] with trumps kid at in-n-out & trumps kid is drinking lemonade outta the free water cup." A lot of people criticized and made jokes over what Trump did, stating that it shows how wealthy people are the cheapest. Some people also claimed his wife possibly gave him some of her lemonade from her paid drink in his water cup.

I believe this is a slight reflection of what the campaign represents, which is privilege for white people. Some twitter users brought to light past citizens that were arrested for sneaking a flavored drink into their free water cup. Although what Eric Trump did seems harmless, the statement says a lot. It's clear that he is completely capable of purchasing a drink. But perhaps his privilege didn't even allow him to think about what his actions meant.

Eric Trump hasn't released a statement following this photo incident, and I'm sure he doesn't plan on it. I doubt this is something that will triumph Donald Trump's run for presidency, but I feel it says a lot about the way Eric Trump was raised and the ideas of white privilege. I’m sure this act is considered innocent by many, but from the son of a presidential candidate, I feel it matters. It was careless and unnecessary simply because if it were Hillary Clinton, for example who had got a drink in a free water cup, it would have been used against her and read for different meanings. I might just also be reading too into this being anti-Trump and all.
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