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TOPIC: Synthetic being better than Natural Happiness

Synthetic being better than Natural Happiness 26 Oct 2016 15:37 #10707

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This is a topic I was assigned in my English class. I found this topic very interesting and I wanted to share this with my peers. Reasons why I wanted to share it it's because I believe that there is a huge difference between synthetic happiness and natural happiness. Although you may think that there isn't and natural happiness is the way to go I beg to differ. I believe Synthetic Happiness is better than Natural Happiness.

Synthetic Happiness is something you can control. What do i mean by this, I mean that if you say once you tell yourself I am going to be happy no matter what and once you put your brain to work like that eventually you will be the happy person you wanted to be. When it comes to Natural Happiness you can't control it. If somebody tells you this is the only way you will be happy and you try to accomplish that way so you can be happy and end up falling, well you aren't happy. You actually end up upset and not wanting to be happy because you put yourself down.

In the end this topic was something that was a good thing I saw especially in this time. I feel like it was opening something new in my life and explaining how happiness can work. How I wanted it to work for myself as well. I say that synthetic happiness is good for you. But so is Natural happiness, although I personally prefer Synthetic Happiness because I believe that is what works for me.
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