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TOPIC: The Reality of Cellphones

The Reality of Cellphones 30 Oct 2016 22:38 #10778

  • george.c
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i recently saw video that depicts the world using their cellphones at all times, and how they are so engaged to the phones that they are falling down in an open sewer. It shows how many people are at a restaurant and just taking pictures if their food and people outside taking pictures of the restaurant. A girl is depicted taking a selfie and through the perspective of the phone she seems the happiest girl with a big smile but in reality she is going through so hard times and is really sad. Then is video of a girl goes viral in which she is acting up and stuff and everyone has watched it that when she is walking down the streets everyone just points and laughs at her. She then results to jumping off a building while everyone is recording her on top of the building to when she decides to jump off and end her life. There is only one little boy that tries to snap people out of their phones but is unsuccessful. It is a really interesting video that shows how technology has affected us.
it makes me realize that we have become dependent of this device that we do basically everything with it. We can not go anywhere without it. There are many people that have recorded accidents and seeing people be hurt rather than helping them out. It has really affected the way many of us view the world.
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The Reality of Cellphones 05 Nov 2016 13:44 #10816

  • hudson.l
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In my acting class last week, the instructor was talking to us about focusing. This day in age will go down in history as the technology era which is a really incredible thing but because of this, scientists are discovering that cell phones are giving humans the inability to focus. Because millenials have so much going on with our phones, we fail to stay hooked in to the real world. It's quite sad if you think about it. This is one of those things where there's not really a way humanity can just take a step back. This is the direction we're heading and although technology is a great thing, it is in fact making us less intelligent. What's next? I'm afraid to find out.
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