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TOPIC: Tattoo problem

Tattoo problem 06 Nov 2016 23:37 #10858

  • hanae.I
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 A tattoo, it became very poplar and nowadays is used as a part of fashion in many cultures. Also, there’s a another one called henna tattoo, which is a kind of drawing that stay normally for three weeks so that people could change it by their mood. Many of them enjoy tattooing as a style, for a memory, or sometimes just because. However, in Japan, getting a tattoo is a sort of taboo, and it is impolite to show one’s tattoo in public.

Recently, a problem was brought up because of a new movie from Disney titles “Moana.” It is a story of a girl but there’s also a character that names Maui. This character is the problem because he is shown on an advertisement of the movie. Why it is the problem is, he is covered all his body by tattoos. Japan decided to not advertise the movie if Maui is included in trailer or poster, so he was gotten rid of them.

Most of public place that need to show their skin, such as pool, hot spring, or even beach, tattoo are not allowed to show. Mostly for education, but there’s more reasons why tattoo is not common there, it is connected to history. (I won’t talk about it because it’ll be very long…)

I think restricting tattoo is not a good idea anymore and dose’t affect for education. That is up to people that should be theirs to decide. In 2020, there will be Olympic in Tokyo, Japan that many tourists who have a tattoo will visit there, so i think that is a good chance to change people’s perspective.
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Tattoo problem 10 Nov 2016 17:41 #10878

  • alyssa.r.
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That is very interesting! I hadn't considered that at all. Thank you for sharing! I knew that tattoos were taboo, but I didn't realize that advertisements also avoided showing them. I do agree that tattoos don't affect education or work ethic. I wonder if the Olympics will change people's perspectives on tattoos. I'm also curious if it offends local people when foreigners visit and show off visible tattoos, or if it's more taboo for locals to have them.
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