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TOPIC: Sex doll for man grieving his wife

Sex doll for man grieving his wife 11 Nov 2016 16:44 #10890

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This is an article that is about a man who bought a sex doll after the death of his wife. He spent about $2,500 dollars on it, and once this went viral, he was given a new “model”, that looks like a younger version of his late spouse. He purchased the original doll to help “overcoming the grief of losing his wife to cancer”. It reports that he was satisfied with the new doll, and especially likes that it looks like his wife, in her youth. He said that he was satisfied with everything about the doll, apart from the skin color. Personally, I don’t know how to feel about this. I understand that everyone has their own ways to cope with death, and I guess whatever method helps one grieve is the one that is right for oneself. I just found it interesting… The title of the article made it seem a little creepier than the story actually is, (“Sex doll firm makes grieving man exact replica of his dead wife wearing her OLD UNDERWEAR”). This just also has me thinking about the use of sex dolls in general. I remember hearing news reports that in Japan, people are now more reluctant and hesitant in dating, and as an outcome, getting married and having kids. I’ve heard that many people are more reliant on sex dolls (as they become more and more life-like). Also with VR on the rise, I’ve heard that people have said that it’s like having real sex. I guess this is just another way that technology is continuing to get more advanced, but I feel that it just makes people more out of touch with the “real world”.
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