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TOPIC: tattoos

tattoos 17 Nov 2016 19:30 #10964

  • ramirez.juanita
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My post for this week is about tattoos and how it affect the opportunities of getting a job in the U.S.
First I want to start by sharing some data about people who are inked in the states.

-A 2014 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of 1,000 adults asked if someone in their household had a tattoo. In 1999, 21 percent said "yes." In 2014? 40 percent. In fact, a 2012 Harris Interactive poll shows that 1 in 5 U.S. adults is tatted.

-In the Harris Interactive poll, 27 percent of the respondents without tattoos said folks with tattoos are less intelligent (ouch), and half said they're more rebellious. In a ​2011 CareerBuilder poll (the most recent one on the topic), 31 percent of nearly 3,000 hiring managers said they would be less likely to promote someone with a visible tattoo, and 37 percent said the same for piercings.

I think it is scary and silly to judge someone by their body art.not only because I have more than 20 tattoos but because I believe that we are the owners of our body and we should be able to decide what I want to get forever inked.
To be fair, the skills and qualifications for a job should be more important than just how the person looks.
It is like judging someone by the color they decided to dye their hair or like the way they dress. That is part of the personal image of an individual; that is part of our freedom and our rights to express who we are.
It annoys me when people say that the employees have to cover their tattoos to look professional. What does that mean? According to who you don’t look professional if you are tatted? Who made those silly rules?
There is nothing to do with being professional and having tattoos. Professionalism is a matter of ethics, not looks.
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tattoos 17 Nov 2016 20:28 #10966

  • cecilia.s
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Hi i also find it funny how people judge you negatively if you are tatted. I think people think this way because of the stereotypes that the media has feed us. Most people with tattoos in media are represented as rebels or gangsters. This isn't realistic because a large percent of our population are tatted. I feel that most jobs that reject people because of stereotypes go st risk of loosing good workers. Bosses usually hire people based on first impressions, and on stereotypes. I think it really is a shame. People should be able to express themselves and be themselves without having to risk being jobless. I think people should go off intelligence and character instead of how they look.
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tattoos 19 Nov 2016 15:18 #10976

  • madison.s
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I love reading your thread because I too have a tattoo and struggle with the stereotypes associated with tattoos. My tattoo is behind my ear so it is not very noticeable but I often wonder how it will affect me in the future because I am majoring in childhood education. Often times people are judged and not taken seriously simply because they have tattoos. I think that tattoos are beautiful pieces of art and a great form of expression so to think that someone is missing out on opportunities simply because they have a tattoo. I completely agree that we need to hire people based on their skills, qualifications, and personality rather than the color of their hair, whether or not they have tattoos or piercings. In my opinion, we as a society need to start crushing stereotypes and focus on individuals.
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