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TOPIC: "Becoming an adult"

"Becoming an adult" 11 Dec 2016 09:07 #11215

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After recently returning back to my high school for the Christmas program with my friend to watch our underclassmen friends perform, I have understood the concept of "growing up" in its full force. I have just recently graduated from high school this past year and I immediately started a job with a big company. I love my job and what I do every day however I easily find myself working 40-50 hour work weeks. When everyone at my high school (all the students as well as parents and teachers) began to ask me about school I told them I enjoyed it and brief summaries about my classes, however they also asked me what I'm doing in my free time and I explained that I am working full time as well. They all have the same sort of comments, that they are very proud of who I have become, what I am doing, and how much of an adult I am. We all even joke how I act like more of an adult than some of them and how I look like more of an adult than I did before compared to some of my peers, as I dress more professionally. It's weird to define becoming an adult though. When I look around at my work, a lot of them have kids and this is their life. I do it for the same reasons they do, however I have no family to support, just myself. It's also weird to understand the fact that as teenagers we're allowed to "rebel" in a sort of way by getting tattoos, many piercings, and the like, however those decisions that we make can be a deciding factor on what jobs we are hired for in the future. Having this career that I have now, I do not have the opportunity for anything other than "two earrings per ear" and that is it, unless it is for a religious belief. I see so many of my peers however making these choices to get 10 piercings and half sleeve tattoos at the age of 19 or so. It will be interesting to see what the job market will be like and what the hiring process will consist of when they decide to become adults.
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