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TOPIC: Yellow Journalism

Yellow Journalism 01 Jun 2015 03:02 #7392

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How many sites or news media outlets practice yellow journalism? I see headlines on Facebook from sites like buzzfeed and several DIY projects titled, "This person used this to do that and you won't believe the outcome!" I see titles like these every single time I get online or am on a site that has a lot of advertisements or links to certain sites.

Although some might disagree with me, I believe that Buzz Feed is practicing yellow journalism. I feel this way because there are been countless headlines that are overly exaggerated to draw the audience in. Majority of our current society uses Facebook and Twitter, is one of the leading click-bait sites that uses hyperbole to draw the audience in. They even pointed their fingers at other sites for doing the exact same thing. They mentioned about several health headline news titles that were used to attract viewers:

Although some of the headlines the Buzz Feed has used are smaller topics like, “10 Weird Facts That Will Make You Question Everything!” or “His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind. And Made Me Question Everything.” Notice how these titles always have a cliffhanger type of ending to make you want to click on the link? Every time I get onto Facebook and I see these Buzz Feed titles, they almost always end it with the “will blow your mind!” phrase.

It is one of the most widely-used news site to share on Facebook and it makes it very easy to do so when their own site has share links to all of the popular social media. This method makes it easier to spread the news with just a click of the button. I have noticed that even if the news article itself doesn't use an exaggerated headline, the headline that is used to link or share is definitely a click-bait title. It wants to catch your attention so you will be enticed to click on the link to see what all the fuss is about.
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