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TOPIC: Journalist Camera Woman Incident in Hungary

Journalist Camera Woman Incident in Hungary 11 Sep 2015 12:05 #7533

  • Nicholas.A
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I've been in and out through the events in Hungary most of what I've herd and seen is terrible and I hope for the best of those people migrating through but I can't believe a Camera woman ended up doing this through what she called "a panic".Video captures camerawoman kicking a girl and tripping a man carrying a child According to multiple news sources she's apologized through an open letter stating that the action was provoked through a "panic" and that something snapped in her head and she couldn't clearly see who was rushing towards her since mostly everyone ran at once. She thought they were going to attack her and that she needed to do something to defend her self.

I Suppose this is understandable to some degree but still, tripping and kicking at a kid? and a man holding his child? I don't think that explanation is really working. Even if she couldn't see clearly you would think an judging by her height that an individual that small is no going to oppose much of a threat. Not to mention she brought her camera down from her face to even take such actions.
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Journalist Camera Woman Incident in Hungary 12 Sep 2015 22:57 #7547

  • jael.g
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Ever since I saw the video I couldn't wrap my head around the incident. What impulses you to TRIP people who are ESCAPING? These people are defenseless victims, which is why they're running away in the first place! There has been no way around this and I cannot think of a reasonable excuse for the camerawoman's behavior. All I've come to is that she probably needed more intense footage to compete with other camera people and so she decided to add a bit more drama to the situation. Obviously, she had no idea she would ever be tracked down for it or even recorded in the first place. Fortunately, technology advances have made it possible to document incidents such as this one; without the footage of this incident, no one would have ever been able to report her and she wouldn't have lost her job.

This story shows the convenience and the benefits of media. It opens doors for us and lets us do things that wouldn't otherwise be possible. However, it also shows the dirty side of media, how media producers go to great lengths in order to produce the kind of content they want their audience to take as cold hard facts. This is s perfect example of how the media can hide the whole truth by feeding us bits and pieces that they selectively put together.
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